Article posted on 10 February 2023 at 11:32am

Close season game updates

So.... in case you haven't noticed, I have been uploading quite a few things recently to get some quick jobs off my list. I'll try and explain a few of them here.

I noticed a lot of managers posting screenshots of their player skills to the forum or into messages, so I have added a 'copy' details button on team player pages now so that can be used instead of having to take screenshots and post the image. If you would like any further details in this copy system, then just let me know, and I'll aim to add them for the next site update.

I have done some work on fixture generation also, but annoyingly missed the generation for this season, so this won't kick in until next season. This is intended to make the fixtures different each season, rather than just playing them in a structure based on alphabetical order. I appreciate it isn't a major requirement, but it should be more realistic.

I've changed the gamer engine, also, to log non-used substitutes which will be appearing on match reports from today (I hope!) - there is also an increase in the number of substitutes that can be used now - up to 5. The match report should also now show off target shots along with 'woodwork' hits.

Finances have been tweaked so that more expenditure will be occurring. This means that teams will be making less profit/losing more money going forwards because there's too much money in the game currently, and it needs re-balancing. This will be a gradual process, so if you find your team losing money gradually now, then that's to be expected (and will be affecting more than just your team). At the end of next season, I'll review it again.

Player assist data is also now displayed on player pages - if there is anywhere else on the site that you'd like to see it, then let me know, and I can add it.

The mail system has also been switched to use the new HTML functionality. Just to keep the site consistent.

There's a new page that shows all recent matches, but without the score - this is because some managers like the suspense of following a game without a spoiler! If you have 'friends' in the game, then their matches will be shown by default.

Away goals in Europe are no longer going to be considered - so more extra time, I guess!

Finally, I've fixed the free transfer issue that calculates a 'release fee' when a player is out of contract. The value should be zero.

There are a couple more on the changelog that have also been implemented, but the important ones are mentioned above.

As always, thanks for playing.

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