Article posted on 03 June 2020 at 10:22am

Match engine update

Game update time.

I have re-written and tested the match engine to be exactly the same as it currently is.

That sounds like there was no point. However, doing so means I can bring it into the same code-base that the site uses and finally get closer to bringing all my code together, rather than having separate systems (one site, one to run the games, one to run the end of season process, one manager mailer etc).

Once all the code is in one package, it brings 2 benefits; One is that some changes will be quicker because I won't have to do it 2 or 3 times in different packages, but the second, means I can set matches to run automatically at a certain time without my involvement - thus actually giving me more time to do other things on the game rather than running matches. This then leads on in a longer term to being able to play more games - friendlies potentially included.

The "league" match engine is actually in 3 parts - one is playing the games, one is the end of week processes like salary payments and finally sorting loans out - it used to be transfers but that has all changed already. I've re-written all 3 but only tested the first bit so my plan, if everything goes well, is to run this weeks league matches using it.

Just because I have tested, doesn't mean it will be 100% correct - it just means I can't see anything wrong - but it's a complex beast and there is only one of me. If you spot any issues then do let me know as soon as possible. A worst case scenario means I may have to run the games again but I'm hoping it won't come to this.

If that all goes well, then it'll be the next 2 stages of the league matches that will need moving before cup matches and the end of season process (which may take the longest to implement).

Whilst all this is going on, I am still monitoring contracts and responding to managers who e-mail me - a few have found bugs or issues that I agreed with and have changed the code accordingly - so DO contact me if you think a contract should be accepted and it isn't. What I need in this case, is the contract to be pending (which may mean you need to set the transfer up again) and to be told which transfer/player it is. Then I can run the process just for that player and see what happens. In a lot of recent queries, I have ended up making changes to make contract accepting more likely but I do need specific cases to be able to investigate - a general complaint that nobody is signing doesn't give me anything to work with so nothing will change.

There are so many situations that could arise, I'm pretty sure I haven't covered them all yet so I do need to know if you feel players should be signing that aren't.

The only caveat to this is that some managers really don't know who their best players are so if a player thinks he should be playing at a higher level - they more than likely are good enough to do so. I will still check it out if you give me a specific contract though.

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