Article posted on 16 October 2017 at 5:35pm

New authentication system

I'm now in a position whereby I am soon going to upload my back-end changes to the site.

It's a big change that I'm hoping that nobody will notice...........which possibly sounds a bit strange but it's all regarding the system that controls access to the site and once I have done this I can look into the next stage of creating an API that will use the same authentication. As I think I have said before, this API will make things slicker and enable me to do more.

However, I don't want to get onto the next stage until I am happy with this first stage and that it works correctly - otherwise I'll be wasting time.

So, at some point this week I will update the site and monitor it. If you find ANY problems at all regarding accessing your teams then please contact me as soon as possible. It's possibly some device or order of doing things that I haven't caught.

If this happens I will revert the site to it's current status and work on fixing the issue before uploading it again.

Thanks for your patience whilst I've been working on this behind the scenes. I do promise that once I have sorted this, I will be adding new features to the game.

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