Article posted on 28 February 2016 at 10:14am



Just a quick message to allay your fears over going bankrupt. I did mention in a previous post that I had tweaked finances.

As you know, I want to implement player contracts into the game once I've made the site responsive and I'm attempting to be pro-active to get to this stage with regards team finances. Over the last few seasons, partly because I haven't been monitoring it as I should have, the amount of money in the game has increased more than it should and I want to fix this issue.

Admittedly, I'm fixing it quite dramatically this season as I'm 'hoping' that I can make a real push on game improvements over the next year or two and I don't want the money to continue growing at the rate it was.

Therefore, this should just be a one season change before it changes again - although not to what it was before.

Please be patient, I'm not trying to be evil - I can see the overall picture and need the game balance to be correct.

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