Article posted on 01 February 2016 at 5:40pm


Aachen storm to European Cup victory

After 3 European Cup semi finals in the last 5 seasons, TSV Alemannia Aachen finally broke through to the final this season and have crushed their Italian opponents, Reggina, in the final.

For Reginna, it was their 4th appearance in the final, after 3 previous close encounters (including 1 victory), and I'm sure they were hoping that experience would assist, but by half time, it had become a final to forget for them.

Aachen were dominant throughout and one man was on fire. Ross Johnson had the game of his career on the biggest stage and scored all 4 goals for his team. Indeed, it could have been more but for Reggina goalkeeper Dani Verruschi.

Reginna were on the back foot from the off and Aachen controlled the game, having plenty of possession and creating several good chances by patiently opening up the defence. The chances they created still needed finishing, and this was where Ross Johnson came into his own, coolly slotting away in the 15th minute of the game thanks to a lovely through ball by Gunter De Meyer and then heading in a Alain Caveglia cross almost 20 minutes later.

When Johnson himself was fouled 5 minutes before half time, he took the resulting penalty, straight down the middle, to claim his hat-trick before half time.

The 2nd half needed a response from Reggina, but Aachen just played keep-ball and eventually scored a 4th through another Gunter De Meyer pass to Ross Johnson. This time, he had a little bit more to do but turned Geoffrey Valenne beautifully to wrong-foot the goalkeeper and claim the final goal of the game.

By this point, Reginna had given up and the game was well and truly over.

TSV Alemannia Aachen will be back in the tournament next season as they are running away with the German league and Reginna will also be there but will hope their season ends on a brighter note by gaining at least a point in their final league match to take the Italian title.

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