Article posted on 07 March 2013 at 12:33pm

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New football manager game

Hi all,

I don't normally do this but I know a few of you (at least) play alternative games out there and Mystify is just one of a few that you play.

I'm certainly not thinking of quitting running Mystify any time soon but I am quite slow at implementing new features as I'm a one man band and, because of this, other games on the Internet develop much faster.

One such game I have heard about, and will possibly play myself, is coming up to beta testing and I figured some of you may want to join in on that too.

I am no way affiliated with this game by the way, I'm just signed up to test myself (and possibly get ideas to use in Mystify) and I don't see why it would do any harm mentioning it to my managers.

I have no idea if they will charge for it in the end or how much but you can always take a look as I'm doing.

The game is called In the Dugouts and you can visit it here:

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