Article posted on 04 July 2012 at 4:33pm

Claret & Blue scarf

General update

I know I've been quiet a while. Other aspects of life have managed to get on top of me. Plus the weather is warmer (although not sunnier) so I haven't fancied sitting in front of a computer too much in the evenings. Oh and there was a European competition on telly that I fancied watching.

I have been making the usual tweaks behind the scenes though, including making match injuries less frequent. I've also been adding one or two systems to assist me in my management. Although that's not really relevant to you.

The next change is actually going to be player contracts but I'll probably get the manager awards page done first. From next season there will be a manager of the month (5 week period) and season for the whole game, each country and each division. If they aren't displaying from week 1 then they will certainly be recorded properly so that I can put them in after. Once I've done this, I shall look into player contracts. this is a huge change (and it will open up the transfer market) so don't expect it quick.

That's about all there is to say (thus the lack of recent news postings) but don't forget the games this weekend are actually tomorrow night (Thursday).

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