Article posted on 09 March 2012 at 5:12pm


Deadline extended for tonight

I've just extended the deadline for tonight's games to be 7pm.

That's because I uploaded some significant back end changes earlier this afternoon and forgot to re-enable the site! I've given myself a red card.

The changes were just regarding database connections within the transfer system and shouldn't have actually changed anything as far as you are concerned.

It's just a technical change as when transfers/loans are occurring a lot needs to be checked and processed and a failure at any of the individual stages could leave the process in limbo where some work has been done but not others.

I've just tried to clean things up so either everything runs or nothing (and an error occurs). In all fairness, database connection errors are rare but I still need to cover them. Whilst doing this work I've also attempted to change it so that less connections occur and the site runs more smoothly because of this.

If that all makes no sense, don't worry about it. I'm hoping my next change(s) will be something less technical and something you can understand.

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