Article posted on 11 February 2012 at 1:11pm


Secondary teams

Please don't get too excited by the title of this article. It's still in the early stages.

I've had a few good ideas sent to me about other aspects of the game recently that I've had to say I can't implement yet due to working on something a bit more fundamental. This, of course, is the option to give some managers a 2nd team and I thought I should give you all more details.

You have possibly seen the new 'Managers Office' page now and, apart from the longest serving manager statistic, you may be thinking it's a bit of a pointless page. However, this page will be used with the 2nd team functionality. I also have another plan for it but I'll say no more on that for now as I need to concentrate on 2nd teams for the time being.

As it's such a big change there is a the possibility that the site will have the odd problem. There was one night a few days ago where managers couldn't sign in which I think was actually unrelated. However, I can't rule it out as the changes being made affect most aspects. If you notice any issues then please let me know of them.

As it is such a big change I don't want to develop it all and then just launch it only to have several problems to fix at once. I need to do it a bit more cautiously and so I have decided to do this with the assistance of some managers. I'm hoping this way will also enable me to bring it to the rest of you more quickly.

I have asked 3 or 4 managers to help me with this already due to the fact they have helped me previously with other ideas/problems in the game so I do not need volunteers. I know several of you would like to be involved but please don't mail me asking if you can now assist. Having too many 'testers' will actually slow me down so if you can be patient then I'll try and do the full implementation as quickly as possible. I may possibly ask other managers to help test towards the end but I'll see how the work goes first.

You will see these managers around the site and their manager page will show their extra teams. Please don't hassle them for information as I've asked them to keep certain aspects quiet. Especially bits that aren't finalised yet.

Once I have done this work I shall be cracking down on people I already suspect to have more than 1 team. If you mail me over the next few weeks with honesty as to which teams you have then I shall set you up with these teams as secondary ones properly. If you don't then I shall just be removing you from the game.

Finally, a very minor change - has anybody noticed substitute appearances are now displayed for players?

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