Article posted on 02 February 2012 at 10:11am

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Minor updates

I've had a few minutes this week to read the message board and picked up one or two requests for improvements which I have tried to implement. There have been some good ideas.

I have made a tweak to penalties in the game engine as more were being missed than scored which is blatantly not right.

I have also added the value of transfer bids to rejection messages so that you can see what you bid.

Finally, I have changed the players wanted page to list the most recent additions first followed by the rest. I have also added the date of creation to each record. Unfortunately I didn't have this information for the data already posted so it was set to the date I did the job. From now on though you should see entries added in the last week at the top ordered by their created date and then the older data. There was a request to actually delete the older data but I felt it wasn't always fair and managers should really be deleting it when they remember. My solution of displaying the created dates at least gives managers a view as to how recent it is regardless of the manager remembering to do this or not. I have just seen my logic in the code isn't quite right in terms of the ordering so I will fix this for the next update.

Please try mailing ideas to me in future though because I only get chance to properly read the board every now and again - normally I just scan through it for any abuse that needs deleting.

I've not really got into the nitty gritty regarding multiple teams yet. I made quite a few big changes just before Christmas and felt I should let them settle in and catch any bugs before causing new ones.

There may be more little changes done over the next few days before I look to get stuck into the next serious changes.

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