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06 November 2018

Just a quick note to explain the strange game dates at the moment. They are because I won't be able to run games for a while due to my Internet access, or lack of, for a period coming up. The dates of next matches are correct and I apologies for the gap that will appear after the matches today....

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24 August 2018

Hi all You may have seen random changes to the site over the last couple of weeks, including, unfortunately a couple of silly little bugs that I have now resolved. Apologies if you have been on the site when it has suddenly disappeared whilst I uploaded changes but a couple of them were stopping...

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13 August 2018

Good news at last... finally, I have got to the stage where I can start making improvements to the game. I know its been a long time coming. The conversion to mobile friendly and removing old code to make the current functionality slicker seems to have taken years but I'm there now. My next big...

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21 July 2018

I realised I haven't given an update for a while and don't want you to think that development has stagnated so thought a quick update should be given. I'm still working my way through functionality changes on the website and have quite a few of them completed and ready to upload, which I hope to...

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08 June 2018

As usual, congratulations to all the teams that have achieved a successful objective this season and commiserations if you just missed out or were relegated.... unless that was your intention! For managers that aren't aware, I will be switching to the new season on Monday. In the meantime, I...

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04 June 2018

Mariano Hoyas was the hero for a Futebol Clube de Penafiel team who won their first ever Mystify European cup this evening. He then attempted to turn villain in a Jekyll and Hyde performance where desperation got the better of him as he became more and more determined to get his hat trick but,...

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