Article posted on 17 February 2012 at 3:35pm

2nd place

2nd team applications

I'm almost in a position to give more managers access to having a secondary team. Due to this I have opened up the application for them so you can start applying. However, don't expect approval until I'm happy that the system is ready for managers to have two teams. You'll know when that is because I will start approving them. I have added 'secondary team' information to the rules and will finalise them before I start approvals.

I still have 1 or 2 things to finalise first and I am pretty sure I'll have changes to make once I've launched it as I'm changing one of the most fundamental aspects of the game since it was started. The whole game has always been on the basis of 1 team per manager and thus the whole engine had been built with this in mind since day 1 (about 15 years ago!) As such, every aspect of the site needed looking at. However, the managers trialling it for me have had all their reported faults looked at (so far) though so I'm hopeful that I'm nearly there with it and can open it up fully soon.

If you do get approved for a secondary team then please let me know ASAP if you find any problems. I intend to approve managers in small batches to start with just in case I've missed anything with my code changes so far.

On another note, I've had a lot of suggestions of new features over the last week or so. I'm pleased about this as it gives me more to ponder. However, as I've also been spending the evenings trying to complete the changes required so you can have an extra team, all I've been able to do is keep adding the suggestions to my list of prospective future developments. If I reply and tell you this is what I have done it is because I have and not because I'm not into your suggestion and have binned it. If I don't like it, I'll just tell you.

Admittedly, when I come to look at the idea properly it may get rejected. This is either because I've changed my mind in the time it has been on the list or, more likely, because the idea is no longer relevant due to other changes in the game. My list has actually still got ideas on from several years ago including a lot of mine - I'm hopeful that I will get to them all eventually but any suggestions could take years to come in just because the list is so long. All of them are appreciated though so don't feel offended if they aren't high on my list of priorities - some of them need a lot of work so get lower priority as I need to have enough free time in a batch to look at these, not because they are poor ideas.

I did once contemplate putting a list of the ideas on the site but I decided against it because some never happen, some happen in different ways and some I'd liek to surprise you with.

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